Lease Options

At Maritime Executive Suites, we recognise that your travel and accommodation needs may change, and  do not necessarily match up to a calendar month. We offer a range of lease options to meet your requirements.

Month-to-month lease

  • Lease starts on the day you move in, and renews monthly on the same day each month.

  • Simply give 30 days notice to terminate. Notice may be given any day of the month, not just on the renewal date! Rent will be prorated for partial months at the end of your stay.

  • The month-to-month lease is the best option for you if you need the flexibility of extending or reducing your planned stay.

Long term lease

  • Maritime Executive Suites offers 6 month and 12 month long term leases, offering you the security of locking in your rent for a fixed period of time.

  • Discounts may be available on some suites for long term leases. Contact us for more information.

Fixed term lease

  • Lease start and end dates are specified on the lease. With a fixed term lease, there is no need to give notice to terminate. The lease terminates automatically on a pre-defined date.

  • The fixed term lease is the best option for you if your departure date is not likely to change.